What Are The 4 Types Of Free Image Licenses?

It is natural to browse and download images from an online source and use them on other platforms. But do you know this can be equal to trespassing or using other people’s property without permission? This can result in lawsuits that could end up with dire consequences. To avoid such circumstances, you need to understand various licenses regulating the use and downloading of free images. With the information, you will be able to prevent any legal crisis that may impact your website negatively. Remember, using another person’s property without their permission can lead to Google penalization. Hence, to avoid this, here are the four types of free image licenses you need to be conversant with:

Creative common-by attribution

This license gives you an opportunity to use an image for free. However, you must provide attribution to the owner. For instance, if you want to use a health and fitness image with CC-BY license on your lifestyle website, you must put a caption giving attribute to the owner. Failure to do this will be a breach of the copyright laws as this is the use of other person’s property without their permission.

Creative Common Zero

If CC-BY licensed free images do not work for you, you have an option for Creative Common Zero ones. These images are designed for people who like being unique through modifying, optimizing, and developing free images to suit for their purpose. The CCO license removes any copyright or legal obligation. Hence, you have the freedom to use the images for any purpose as well as modifying them to fit your needs without the fear of attracting legal suits. 


Under these licenses, you have the opportunity to use the images without requiring any attributions. You can use the free images for commercial or personal purposes. However, you must do so without changing or modifying them. So, if you find a fashion image under this license, you should not alter it in whichever manner. In a simple language, these images fall under one policy: use as obtained.


If you are searching for free images for commercial use, you should avoid images under this license. Regardless of their quality and impact on your site, you are not allowed to modify or use them for commercial purposes.

So, before clicking the download button and going partying that you have found a suitable image for free, check on the type of free image license it falls in. This way, you will save your time that you could spend handling copyright breach cases.


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