Use These Three Types of Images If You Want Your Website to Stand Out

Standing out is a desire of every person. Whether you are operating a brick and mortar or an online store, it feels good when everyone you come across has some information about your products. Also, it is a pleasant experience when each Google search results in your niche rank you as number one. When this is the reality, you enjoy high following and conversion rates.

One secret to making your website stand out has high-quality images that are attractive. However, regardless of the quality, all images do not have the same impact on your site. Some will enhance following while others will become part of the dull content. If your goal is to stand out, here are three types of images for website use to enable you to achieve it:

Human images

Unless you are creating content for animals, using images of real people is one way to enhance audience attention. As you know, humans connect with humans. Also, they are emotional. Uploading an image of a smiling person will create an interest on the reader to find out what is the reason behind the smile. As well, such an image will create a positive feeling for the audience. This way, it will strengthen the connection between the target audience and the site. In case you have quality content that offers a particular solution, your audience will share it with their peers. This could not be possible if you did not have a human image. 

Bird images and photos

Indeed, you admire birds due to their unique traits. You are not alone. Humans across the world adore birds due to their uniqueness and color variety. Also, the birds are signs of several meanings. For instance, a dove is a universal representation of peace. Eagle is used to inspire people on perseverance and endurance. In this regard, using birds’ images on your website is one way of attracting more following and enabling you to stand out.

Images of the big five animals

Images have different meanings to people. You can use images to send a particular message to your audience. For instance, to show your quality level and position in the virtual arena, you can use images of the big five. So, when a visitor views them, they will always take your site as a reliable source of information. Remember, the big five animals represent power and authority. Hence, you earn the same attributes by uploading their images on your website.